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Designing A Home To Fit Your Needs

What are the important things to consider in designing a plan drawn for your new home? Location of your building site What conveniences are nearby The number of people in your family The climate conditions of the area The availability of suitable and appropriate materials that will fit into the limits of your budget. You’ll… Read More »


Many people do not care to build a new house, frequently possessing an old house that has been in the family for many years, and which can be made quite comfortable by modernizing. Others prefer to buy an old house in some good location than to build new; they determine to reconstruct the old building… Read More »

Working With a Home Designer Or Drafter

After a client contacts me to draw their home, I ask them if they have an idea of what they are wanting. A vast majority of these clients have already given a great deal of thought as to what they are looking for in their new home. Even a greater number have sketched out their… Read More »