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By | February 5, 2018

This is a field of Drafting and Design that is quite often overlooked. Many people equate this professional with a drafter or architect. This is actually a separate field where the designer was trained by another experienced home designer, or by an architect as an apprentice.

Most people believe that all they to need do is hire a draftsman to draw the plan that they have designed. The problem here is that a drafter is an illustrator who simply takes the ideas and sketches of another to create technical drawings. Unfortunately, a drafter may or may not posses the education and skills necessary to catch a code infraction, suggest a proper flow and layout to a home design, etc.

Whereas, an architect has training to handle most large commercial or residential designs, and many don’t believe they should waste their time with small to medium sized residences. Sure, this professional is trained in all aspects of construction and design, but there’s a premium price to be paid in using their services.

That’s why there are trained home designers. In most cases, you’ll find the training and experience you’ll need to have a workable and functional house plan completed by this professional that will not only stand the test of the building inspector, but also the test of the contractor in the construction field.

A trained home designer should not only posses the ability to draw your plans, but also the education and experience to understand the building codes and what will or won’t work functionally in a homes construction. He or she should also respect you enough to realize that the home they’re drawing is yours and should reflect your wishes and your personality.

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