Hello, My name is Tim Davis, owner of Drafting Consultants of Athens, Tennessee. I am a fully trained Home Designer. My training has stretched over the past 39 years since 1976, where I practiced as a fully trained general draftsman. For the last 26 years, (since 1990) I’ve owned my own drafting service, where I’ve completed over 600+ new home and business architectural designs, and at the beginning of this time, I trained under a licensed architect for 6 1/2 years.

Our rates are reasonable because of lack of overhead. Our business is exclusively over the internet. We realize that some of our competitors sometimes charge double and even triple per sq. ft. for their plans, but if you will check the regions of the United States you will find that prices vary greatly on just about everything from one area of the country to the other. One thing’s for sure, we don’t believe in price gouging!!! Give us a try.

Tim Davis


Please Note: There are some municipalities that may require a Licensed Architect or Engineer to complete your drawings. This is rare, but if this be the case, please search out a licensed Architect or Engineer in your area. We are a Residential Drafting Service and not an Architectural firm.